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The decision to form Engineering Design Services, Inc. was guided by one principle: client satisfaction. The development of Engineering Design Services' business philosophy was our most important objective in the creation of our firm. We understand it is essential to our success that we are closely aligned with our client’s over-all objectives and our primary goal at Engineering Design Services, Inc. is to provide our clientele with a strong sense of security that their project will meet or exceed their expectations and be a success for all involved. We work with our clients to reach a common goal. We treat our clients as part of our team and we make the required sacrifices necessary to insure long-term relationships. Having worked together for years, we believe that the staff of Engineering Design Services, Inc. is well prepared and strongly committed to providing the quality services necessary to insure consistent client satisfaction.

HVAC Solutions for COVID-19

At EDS, we think figuring out how to bring staff back to work safely is going to become more and more important as re-opening of the economy progresses. As Mechanical engineers, we rely heavily on guidance from ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), and we use the guidance provided by ASHRAE as well as our years of engineering experience to help our clients in this unique and uncharted situation. We have been following ASHRAEs recommendations carefully and studying the options and ramifications so that we are prepared to present recommendations and design solutions for implementation.

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The decision to form Engineering Design Services, Inc. was guided by one principle: Client satisfaction.


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