Cumberland High School

Cumberland High School – Cumberland, RI

The Cumberland High School was heated by four large gas-fired atmospheric boilers totalling 20MBTU; these replaced two large 10MBTU boiler which were original to the school. The four boilers were built in 1995 and have operated continuously since then. Replacement of these old boilers was required to safeguard the safety and health of students and employees, to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, and to ensure uninterrupted operations. 

Engineering Design Services was involved in 2022 with the design and construction for the replacement of the 4 older boilers with three new 3.5MBTU high efficiency gas fired condensing boilers, effectively cutting in half the connected gas loads while still providing all the necessary capacity.  Design also included new pumps with VFDs and upgraded building management systems to ensure reliable continuous operation along with meeting current code standards while providing high efficiency ratings and energy cost savings.